The Gym

The gym is housed on the first floor of the building in a well-lit, well-ventilated, air-conditioned area of over 110 square metres. Currently, it houses a wide range of machines and free weights.

03-gym-bloke-web-lowjpegAt the moment, there are many cardio machines, including:

  • 1 cross trainer,
  • 2 rowers,
  • 3 upright bikes, including Air Bike and Concept Bike
  • 1 reclined bikes,
  • 2 summit trainers and
  • 5 treadmills including Air Runner
  • 1 powerplate
  • 1 Ski Erg

The weights machines include:

  • a leg press machine,
  • a lat pull down machine,
  • a chest press machine,
  • a standing cable machine,
  • a squat rack and, of course,
  • a Smith machine.
  • 2 x leg curl machines.

There is a good selection of free weights.

The Ski Erg machine:

There is a free water fountain just outside the main room. Other drinks can be bought from reception.


For further information on the safe use of these machines, contact any members of the Fitness Team: Ruth, Adam, Sam, Matthew and Simon will be delighted to advise you. Just ask!