Stay Active (over 65s and people with health problems) at HD3 Fitness Centre

PALS is not more but we are working within the principle of the now defunct scheme.

HD3 Fitness Centre was a satellite centre for the Kirklees Exercise Referral Scheme ie PALS. However this system has been withdrawn by the local authority due to lack of funding. The scheme aimed to support and encourage less active people in the local area who want to make a difference to their own health and quality of life by becoming more active. This  authority-wide scheme was referred to as PALS (or the “Practice, Activity & Leisure Scheme”).

But now we have our own STAY ACTIVE membership

Here at HD3 Fitness Centre, we have highly qualified practitioners who deliver Stay Active sessions to local people. We use our facilities and our qualified staff, to run classes and individual advice for people who want to keep fit, healthy and improve their lifestyles.


£5 per session

10 sessions for £40

£22 per month for Off Peak membership

£39 per month for 2 people for Off Peak membership