Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor, Adam Ryder gains a Semi-Pro contract!

Adam, our resident PT, Class Teacher and Fitness Instructor has been signed on a two year contract with Keighley Cougars Rugby League Squad. After breaking his leg in early Autumn playing for Underbank Rangers, Adam has made a remarkable recovery (due to determination and hard work in the gym!) and is in top form again! Keighley Cougars saw their opportunity and quickly signed Adam for 2 years!

Well done Adam, we are all really proud of you.

Adam works every Monday to Friday at HD3 Fitness Centre and delivers a number of classes.


Book Swap at HD3 Fitness centre


We have just started a “book swap” at HD3 Fitness Centre. Take one to read. Swap for one of your own. Today for example there’s a John le Carre, a David Mitchell, a Tony Parsons, a Joanne Harris and a Madeline Miller. They are all in the reception area.