New Running Trails for all abilities

The winter debris – branches, twigs, beech nuts etc – has been cleared away and the original running trail has been ‘strimmed’. It is ready to use, albeit in a new form. But now there is a choice:

a 1 km course (a mixture of woodland trails ands more ‘open’ running, down the edge of the farthest pitches)

a 1 mile course (an extension to the 1 km course which adds additional grass running along another of the lower pitches ) and

a 2.5 km course (which extends the 1 mile course by adding in even more grassy running, around the uppermost pitch).



On Sunday, 19 April 2015, the Huddersfield Marathon again starts from the Huddersfield YMCA Sports Grounds. HD3 Fitness Centre staff will again lead the ‘warm up’. In addition, there is ‘Fun Run’ which is based on one of the trails described above. Get yourself signed up!